The Team of Awesomes was a team created on January 29, 2015 by TheSpyro. The team has 50 members as of April 8, 2015, therefore making it unavailable at this point for other nitrotypers to join. Should space become available, the team has no requirements. A personal statement of the team's creator can be found below

The Team of Awesomes is a team that I lead. I made the team a couple years ago. If any of you want to join, then you are welcome to. I have my own team site, There are weekend competitions every weekend, so go on, and race the most races. Any speed and level are welcome. And when you're in, you are in forever! I won't kick you out! Unless you leave, which you are welcome to.

I am on a lot, so if you do apply, I will accept you right away. I am really reliable with that. Plus, I am open to any friend invites, so make me one of your friends, and maybe race against me on!

Try to race once a day, but if you can't, then I understand.

At the end of each week, I will look at everyone's profiles and see who has the most races, and they will be named racer of the week!

Like I said on top, I have a team site, Feel free to apply because I will accept you. Feel free to shout on the shoutbox, vote on the polls, or start your own thread!

I am a really nice and effective team leader. I don't have any other requirements, just that you try your best and race once a day. I won't kick you out, once you're in.

Right now, at this moment of time, there is one member that is very dedicated to my team, which her name is Micaylas123. She races a lot, and I am honored to have her on my team.

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