Wisker Electric
91 large 1
Bought for: $1,000,000
Sold for: $600,000
Painted for: $150,000
Other attributes
This is a rare prize box car along with the Zonday Tricolore and Auttie R-8.1.

The Wisker Electric is NitroType's first Electric Car and it is based off the Fisker Karma. The Wisker Electric made its first appearance within the NitroType community when Corndog released an (imgur) album detailing all the up coming cars, probably containing many more. 

The Wisker Electric was a car that was originally obtainable to earlier players of NitroType, buyable for $1,000,000 to earlier players. During testing for NT2.0, it became possible for the Wisker Electric to be earned by opening a prize box on the NT2.0 test site.


The body of the car is paintable. The roof, windshields, and headlights are not.


Skins have not yet arrived in the game; these are from the game files.

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