Typing Demon is a hidden achievement that can be earned by doing 1,800 races in a session.

The achievement was named after Damon5 after he did a 1,838 race session in May 2014. This massive session took place within half a year of Nightmare's legendary Typing Nightmare session in December 2013. After Damon completed his session, Corndog created the achievement and rewarded it to Damon. The people known to have completed this brutal and rare achievement are *|ZIZ|*, Yakirol, pashkhan, CaptainAmerica, ☀⭐JoshRyan⭐, ✨-M-0-I-S-E-S-✨, Petromax, HollowManNoToNitros, ☀Sn❄️w_Smithy_, ƝٲǤH⊤ᗰᐱⴽE , #PonV,and Immaculate as well as Damon5, who was the first to earn the title. Yakirol's session officially terminated at 3,803 races, but he completed these races in the span of a week by using a program to keep his session alive while he slept. This exploit is no longer viable.

Typing Demon is the hardest achievement outside of the King of the Race section. Even so, it poses a different type of challenge than that of completing tens of thousands of races. iloveshoes2, the first racer to complete 125,000 races, has never done a session longer than 800 races, which is not even half of the races required for Typing Demon. Only two of the top 10 all time most active racers have Typing Demon, and only four of the top 100 all time most active racers have achieved it. While King of the Race achievements showcase long-term dedication, Typing Demon demands relatively short but extremely intense dedication. A nonstop Typing Demon session under normal racing conditions will take about 42 hours, but times as low as 36 to 38 hours are feasible with techniques to shorten race loading times. Those who pull off a Demon session will immediately etch their name into a short list of elite racers regardless of their speed or all time race total.

Most people thought that this achievement was removed, but it was confirmed by Travis that it is still achievable.

Typing demon

Travis confirming the achievement still exists.


  • Title: "Typing Demon"
  • +250 Achievement Points

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