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[PTTM] History

Wildfire was founded on October 1, 2015 by -wildfire-. Later, just a few days after CheetaWolf joined, the team officially changed from Wildfire [WF] to Avalanche [TSUN]. On November 15, 2015 it changed to [TSUN] Tsunami, and then later on it changed to [PTTM] Petal to the Medal. With a very active team, Tsunami frequently ranks in the top 5 fastest teams in the last 24 hours and last 7 days categories. Many typists within Tsunami also frequently make the individual fastest typists in the same categories.


There are right now a total of eight members. This team does not have that much capability getting very active people, but here are the people right now: kim018, CheetaWolf, Junkay, ZzCyborge, iamtheworstx, and austin018


You must have an average speed of at least 90 wpm, and a minimum level of 50. If you do not race for two weeks in a row, you will get booted. And if your average drops below 75, you will get booted also.

Kicked Out Members

There have been many kicked out members, there is just too much to name, most of these kicked out members have been invited by team officers, but have been kicked out due to inactivity. Here are just a few: canihaveofficer, CraigTurker, ban-nana, tsun_is_life_,, ThePerfectStorm, HeroMordekai, and Swaggawaffle.



Due to most players being inactive this team has officially disbanded. While the captain went to join team [NTS], one of its most active and fastest officers went to create their own team, CheetaWolf.

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