Travis' Car is available to only Nitro Type admins, however it is ‘officially’ his. It is bought for $100, and it is sold for $60, and it is painted for $15. As of right now, Travis likes to keep the car white. It has a Christmas Tree on the top, and sort of resembles the Corndog's Car in terms of the build. Travis once said that it is supposed to be his Chevy Tahoe. It is a white version of the Dark Elf. Painting: From the picture, it looks like the Xmaxx Tree Racer on the roof and the wreath on the hood are paintable.


Travis' Car without paint

101 large 1 220

A purple version of Travis' car.

101 large 1 320

A pink version of Travis' car.

Travis's car green

A green version of Travis' Car.

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