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This is a car for the Nitro Type Administrators Only.

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This is considered an XMAXX Car.

If Used during XMAXX, you get 50% extra cash and XP from each race.

Travis' car
Bought for: $100
Sold for: $60
Painted for: $15
Other attributes
Admin exclusive vehicle

Travis' Car is available to only Nitro Type admins; however, it is "officially" Travis'. It has a Christmas Tree on the top and resembles Corndog's Car in terms of the build. Travis once said that it is supposed to be his Chevy Tahoe, however in a new news post Travis' car is a Ford Explorer.


The wreath and the Christmas tree are the only paintable aspects.


  • During the excitement of the 2017 Winter Event, Travis decorated his actual car to resemble his NT one.
  • The Xmaxx Tree Racer can be seen on top of the car but without the front and back spoilers and wheels.

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