Not to be confused with Wampus, the car it uses.


The Wampus

The Wampus is considered an NPC character in the game, yet the admins can still get on the Wampus's account and do things that a normal Nitro Type racer could do. He uses the title "You'll Never Beat Me!" in races, but on his profile, he has the title "Original Gangster". He is the rarest of the Bots, but also extremely rewarding. If a racer successfully beats The Wampus in a race, the racer will receive an extra $50,000. The number of wins against the Wampus also amount to three different achievements:

A race against The Wampus

As a joke, the Nitro Type admins said The Wampus was created when a bot tried to gain access to the Matrix and he reprogrammed himself.


The race results screen after a Wampus win

On January 15, 2015, The Wampus was the leader and sole member of team FTW. On May 16, 2015 he became the leader and member of WPS.


  • He is the only bot with a racer page, created by the Nitro Type staff.
  • You were once able to add The Wampus as a friend, but that option has since been removed.
  • He was added to Nitro Type on January 10, 2014, hence his join date.
  • Scattered throughout his page are many instances of the number 1,337, including gold, bronze, silver medals, number of races, longest race session, and number of nitros used.
    • This is a reference to leetspeak, an alternative way to write text which is associated with the hacker culture. 1337 is leetspeak for leet, an alternate spelling of elite.
  • He has the most profile views, with over a million.

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