Not to be confused with Wampus (Car), The Car it Uses.


The Wampus, the Most Rarest of Bots. Soon his cousin will be implemented and it is going to be even more rare.

 The Wampus is considered an NPC character in the game. Yet Corndog can still get on the Wampus's account and do things that a normal Nitro Type racer could do. He is a very wealthy rodent/rat/possum (you be the judge). He uses the title "You'll Never Beat Me!" in races, but his account has the title "Original Gangster". He is the rarest of the Bots, but also extremely rewarding. If a racer successfully beats The Wampus in a race, the benevolent animal will reward the racer with $50,000. The number of wins against the Wampus also amount to three different Achievements. If you beat him once you get the title "Wampus Thwamper", five times and you get the title "Catty Wampus", and ten times you get the Wampus' "other ride" or the Fort F-125. As a joke, the Nitro Type admins said The Wampus was created when a bot tried to gain access to the Matrix and he reprogrammed himself.

As of January 15, 2015, The Wampus is the leader and sole member of team FTW. On May 16, 2015 he became the leader and member along with the matrix of WampusPostalService 'WPS'.

Although not official, Corndog said on the news in 2016 that: "The first person to get 1,000,000 races will get the Wampus car"

He is the only bot with a racer page, created by the Nitro Type team. Sadly, the "Add Friend" option was removed and you cannot add him/it. This profile states that The Wampus was created on January 10, 2014. Scattered throughout his page are many cases of the number 1,337, which is a reference to leetspeak, an alternative way to write text which is associated with the hacker culture. 1337 is leetspeak for leet, an alternate spelling of elite. The car is free for now (even though you cannot buy it), as shown in the source code at .

97 large 1 120

A green Wampus.

Daily Rewards/Cruisin' Back Vehicles

Car73 (1) Zonday Tricolore Car73 (1) | 91 large 1 Wisker Electric 91 large 1 | 96 large 1 Auttie R-8.1 96 large 1

Nitro Addiction Vehicles

21 large 1 Rand Rover R/T 21 large 1

Winning Vehicles

53 large 1 Rocket Man 53 large 1 | Largecar90 Fort_F-125 Largecar90

Hitting the Track Vehicles

New pizza Typiano Pizza Car New pizza

Privileged Cars

Badger Wampus (Car) Badger | Travis Travis' Car Travis | 104 large 1 Corndog's Car 104 large 1

The Thwampus (No ID)

Unfinished/Unreleased Vehicles

Car9 Rental Car Car9 | 92 large 1 '67 Vette 92 large 1 | 93 large 1 MSG 01 93 large 1

94 large 1 Fort Stallion 94 large 1

Scrapped Brown Convertible (No ID) | Scrapped Pink Truck (No ID)

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