The Typing Legion is currently a clan on Nitro Type. It's leader used to be [TTL]Gohan until 1985 brought it back.

No one has been in the clan for over 6 months (July-January). However, same rules to get in if you'd like. The only current member is October-26-1985.


You must at least be a level 17 and at least a 40 wpm average on your racing profile in order to be elegible to join The Typing Legion.

To join, you must put the {TTL} in front of your display name.

Section heading


[TTL]October-26-1985 {Member}

Past members

[TTL] ThornedPlant - left the clan due to no one being active.

[TTL]umopapisdnpuaq - left to join NTG

[TTL]Gohan-Not active for over 6 months

[TTL]Sonic-Not active for over 6 months

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