The Trifecta
49 large 1
Bought for: $3,141,592
Sold for: $1,884,955
Painted for: $471,239
Other attributes
The Trifecta is a car that you unlock when you complete "Bananas About Typing" which requires 1,000 races and is the 7th most expensive achievement car to this date.


It is highly paintable, with only the metal attaching the wheel to the body and the section between the front headlights and the windows being unpaintable. The default paint job is orange on the body and blue on the windows.

Blue Trifecta. This is best known as TR0N's signature car- the blue Trifecta.


Green Trifecta

49 large 2

A Trifecta skin.

Teal trifecta

Teal Trifecta


  • Buddy's Snowmobile is a Clone Car of the Trifecta
  • The Trifecta's price also has the same digits as pi, 3.14159265.

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