The Pirc
Bought for: $7,000,000
Sold for: $4,200,000
Painted for: $1,050,000
Other attributes

The Pirc is a drag racing car made for Carrie Pirc after completing 20,000 races on March, 4th, 2013 and the second car to ever feature a driver with first being the Zonday Tricolore. The car was named after Carrie Pirc herself!


It is noticeably paintable with the driver being paintable as well and the body frame as well as its partialy engine parts leaving the wheels and frames holding the wheels unpaintable.

77 large 1


  • Made for Carrie Pirc herself!
  • First dragster in the game.
  • Based off the Caterpillar designed Dragster type cars.
  • 82 players have achieved this car.
  • Nightmare holds the record for fastest record to the Pirc, getting the Pirc in 2 weeks after his Corsair.

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