144 large 1

This is considered an XMAXX Car.

If Used during XMAXX, you get 50% extra Cash and XP from each race.

103 large 1

This is a Gold Member Exclusive Feature.

The Golden Gift
Golden gift
Bought for: $100,000
Sold for: $60,000
Painted for: $15,000
Other attributes
Requires Gold Membership

This is one of three cars requiring Gold Membership with the others being The Xcelsior V12 and the Gilded Xxpress. This car was given free to every gold member during the 2013 Winter Event, added on later in the event. It has come back for the 2014 Winter Event, 2015 Winter Event, 2016 Winter Event, and 2017 Winter Event.


The car has a more solid style of painting to it unlike its other variant Santa's Buggy which has a more diverse painting style to it.

This is one of only three cars that require Gold to own, paint, sell, and do anything else with, with the other ones being The Xcelsior V12 and the Gilded Xxpress, all of which can be painted all of the rainbow colors. Black and white are unavailable.

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