The Gator
Bought for: $68,000
Sold for: $40,800
Painted for: $10,200
Other attributes
It is an achievement vehicle, which means you can't purchase it at the dealership, unless you sold the car, then you can buy it back.

The Gator is an achievement car that is earned by completing the achievement "Under Over Achiever," which requires obtaining 2,000 Achievement Points. The car looks like an alligator (as the name implies.) It also seems to be based off of the 1996 Lotus Elise, with a very similar headlight design and body size. It is the first and only car to need a certain number of achievement points.

Very easy to earn this car. Just keep playing and don't give up!


Nearly the whole car is paintable, excluding the windows, headlights, and the spoiler. 


The car will be able to be painted in two colors.

Purple gator

A Purple Gator

Gay gator

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