Switching to Primes, or [STPR], is one of the current top 10 teams on Nitro Type. It was historically considered one of the Big Three teams (the others being [DOG] and [NTA]), although now, it consistently ranks in 4th-10th places in seasonal competitions. The team is led by LollipopGirl! aka paulamirada2. The [STPR] Team motto is "Have Two Goals in Life: WISDOM - That is Knowing and Doing Right & COMMON SENSE. Don't Let Them Slip Away."  

Famous Members

[STPR]LollipopGirl! placed 2nd on the Nitro Type Olympics in 2015 for accuracy and placed 2nd as Most Active Racer, she owns a custom Title issued by the founder of Nitro Type [NT]TheCorndog. Co-Captain/Officer [STPR]feveredbasilisk is one of only five people to have the custom Title "Six Zero Racer." ~ Paulamirada2 was an Officer on [TP] "ThePirc." ~ Honorable mention goes to [TPO]CarriePirc. A high profile racer & [STPR] Officer when the team was formed on June 12th, 2015, [TPO]CarriePirc went on to make her own team: The Pirc Opening. But then shorty would join team [NTA]