Before the Summer Event

Before the Summer Event started, one of the cars was shown as a preview on 5/28/2017:

138 large 1

The news post on 6/6/2017 stated that the event was supposed to start on 6/14/2017. However, due to personal problems, Travis delayed the event untl 6/15/2017.


  • 5/28/2017: Travis announces that the summer event will be started soon.
  • 6/6/2017: Travis states that on the summer event will officially start on 6/14/2017
  • 6/14/2017: Due to personal problems, Travis says that the summer event will be delayed for a bit.
  • 6/15/2017: The summer event officially starts.


Image Car Name Cost/Achievement
81 small 1 Classic Woodie $10,000
126 small 1 B.O.A.T. Yachta Yachta
138 small 1 Strykist 1300 Strykist 1300
139 small 1 Range Runner Range Runner
140 small 1 Strykist 1300 XT-LR Strykist 1300 XT-LR

News Screens


  • "Summer Rider"
  • "Easy Rider"
  • "Track Day Rider"
  • "Faster 'n You"
  • "Two Tired"
  • "Hoonigan"
  • "Weekend Racer"


Races Session Nitros Special
Born to Be Wild Race Day, Best Day Getting Warm Bring on the Sunshine!
Nitro Burnouts Nitro Type, Best Type Getting Toasty
Easy Rider Ride to Live Heat Wave
Track Day Rider Live to Ride Strykist 1300 XT-LR
Cafe Racer Hoonigan Weekend Racer
Strykist 1300 Yachta Yachta
Dual Sport
Faster 'n You
Range Runner

Completed Achievements


  • This is the second event in which event cars has been leaked before the event.

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