Classic woodie
126 large 1

This is part of a Summer Event.

If used during the Summer, you get 50% extra cash and XP from races.

Six Four Plus Three
116 large 1
Bought for: $20,000,000
Sold for: $12,000,000
Painted for: $3,000,000
Other attributes
Six Four variant

The Six Four Plus Three could be obtained either by completing the Add That Up achievement, which required you to use 2,000 nitros with a summer car, during the 2015 Summer Event or by purchasing it in the dealership during the 2016 Summer Event.



  • Towards the end of the 2016 Summer Event (with an upgraded to the Y.A.C.H.T., it was also made available via the dealership. However, its price was increased from $1,500,000 to a whopping $20,000,000, making tied for the second most expensive car in Nitro Type history, tied with Mercedex McLaro SLR 12.5)
  • This car is the first and so far only car to feature more than one person inside it.
  • This is the car that iloveshoes2 used to complete her 125,000th race.
  • This is the only summer car in the 2016 Summer Event besides the '13 Summer Classic to not be a boat.

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