9 large 1
9 large 1

This is exclusive to New Members or Guest Racers.


The Rental Car is a car for guest racers and cannot be obtained, bought, or sold by registered users.


  • It is the only car guests can have.
  • If obtained in source code the prices of selling and buying prices are $0 and is in fact paintable!
  • Some players found a glitch that allows you to keep the Rental Car. The glitch is to quit the qualifying race after making an account and start/enter a friend race.
  • Interestingly, there is a skin for this car, but Travis has said that this was a mistake by NT's car designer.
  • It appears to be a luxurious car and it might possibly be a formal fore-runner of the Luxury Cars.
  • This car was skinned for the spring cars when the event was released too early. The cars that were affected were Teggsla, Egg Beater, Eggcedes, and Egg Hauler
    • There have been some tests done to prove that it is just skinned in for guest racers, rather than being actually given.

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