Rental Car
Bought for: $0 (In Code)
Sold for: $0 (Based on Price)
Painted for: $0 (Based on Price)
Other attributes

The Rental Car (Sometimes known as Guest Car) is a car for guests, and is unobtainable, unsellable, and unbuyable. It appears to be a luxurious car and it might possibly be a formal fore-runner of the Luxury Cars.


It is not supposed to be paintable, but it can be through source code. The lights are noticeably paintable and paints very similar to a luxury car.


  • It is the only car guests can have.
  • It seems to closely resemble a Ford Taurus.
  • If obtained in source code the prices of selling and buying prices are $0.00 and is in fact paintable!
  • The guest racers who use this have the title "Accountless One."
  • Recently, some players found a glitch that allows you to keep the Rental Car, but has been patched by Corndog. The glitch is to quit the qualifying race and have someone send you a friends race.
  • There is a skin for it, even though skins were planned to be if you raced a lot with a car.

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