You Are To Legit To Quit

First, you must wait until the race track fills up, which is four other racers. They can be real people or bots that fill in if there are no people in your speed class. Second, you will be given a few seconds before racing. The passage will be shown below the race track. The passage is long or short depending on your words per minute, or WPM. But no matter what, the passage will take around 45 seconds to complete. When the green light is lit, start typing so that you can get to the finish line faster than the other people or bots that are typing along with you. You can use nitros to skip the current word if you have any. You can obtain them in two ways. You may purchase it at the dealership for $2000, or you can also earn it by winning races. When you're finished, the race results will be shown. You can race again by clicking race again button on the bottom right or pressing enter on your keyboard.

Racing Tips

Here are some racing tips that you can use so that you can be almost first every time:

  1. If you type too fast, you may make mistakes. Slow down and type every word with good accuracy.
  2. Use nitros on hard words. Don't use it on easy words. Use them at the end to get a head start, or use them to boost past your opponents. But don't waste them, as you can sell them for money.
  3. Race constantly, perhaps 10 races per day. You will improve slowly and eventually get faster and get more cash, nitros, and experience.
  4. Relax your hands! If you tense up your hands, they won't be flexible enough to reach and press letters accurately and quickly. If you find you can't loosen up your hands, you can shake them or do a practice race. Somehow, doing a practice race before a real one can help you go faster. It's magic.


A full breakdown of the rewards system can be found here.

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