This wiki is meant to be an informational site for everything Nitro Type related. Please follow all the rule listed below. Failure to follow a rule may result in a warning or a block, depending on how severe the action is.

All Regulations apply to all of the other policies listed on this page, so you may want to carefully read the regulations section very carefully.


  • Do NOT cyberbully or insult anyone on this wiki. This includes users who do not have proper grammar or English. A user has the right to remove any mean or hurtful messages on their own message wall, and can report to admins for proof if necessary. If a user is caught cyetrbullying another user the user that was cyberbullying will have a very lengthy block (up to 69 years).
  • Do NOT spam are troll the wiki. One single spam or troll will cause you to have a permanent block.
  • Do NOT advertise any websites that are not related to Nitro type. If you do, you will have a warning the first time, and then a possible block the second time.
  • You may not "sockpuppet" on this wiki. Sockpuppeting means that you are using another account just because your original account was blocked. If any user is found sockpuppeting, PERMANENT blocks will be given to both the "sockpuppet" account and the original account.
  • Do not hack, say you hack, or say other people hack. You will be banned PERMANENTLY no matter how sorry you are or how good your edits were in the past.

Block Policy

  • A staff member is a trusted user of the wiki and has the right to block ANYONE who disrupts, harms, or causes more bad than good on the wiki.
  • If you think that you do not deserve the right to be blocked, please notify an admin, and give a GOOD reason for why you should not be blocked.
  • If you think another user should be blocked, contact an admin about the user, give a breif summary of what happened, and have PROOF (like a screenshot, a link, etc). Failure to follow these steps will make your claim null, void, and false, and may even result in yourself being blocked for spreading false information.
  • If you are blocked on this wiki, it is not appropriate to follow an admin who edits on another wiki to make a protest. This will just make you have an extended block on this wiki.
  • If you are blocked by an admin on another wiki, do not come here to protest about it. It will instead make you blocked on THIS wiki as well.
  • If you are caught making alternative accounts just because you were blocked on your main account, it will result in your main account and ALL of your alternative accounts being permanently banned.


  • Do not change the format of an article or rename pages without permission. Use the discussions forum to talk about the format/page names of an article.
  • Do not edit the templates, as those are admins/content mods only pages.


  • Do not make category names similar to the one that is already in use.
  • Categories should be as short as possible.
  • Categories may NOT be abbreviated.

Edit Warring

  • An edit war is the repeated undoing of other user's edits.
  • If anyone undoes your edit, do not undo their edit. Instead, talk about it on the discussions forum or message walls.
  • Anyone found edit warring on this wiki will be warned or possibly blocked.


  • You may only post fanon images or videos on your user profile, blog posts, or the off-topic discussion board.
  • All fanon images and videos must be appropriate.
  • Failure to follow the above two rules could result in you being warned, temporarily banned, or maybe even permanently banned.

User Profile Policy

  • On your user profile, you are not allowed to say negative things about other users or post personal information.
  • Unless you are a staff member, you may not add a category to your user profile as "Staff."
  • Do not edit anyone else's user profile, even if there is something disruptive on there. If there is something disruptive, notify an administrator so the administrator can fix it.
  • Editing another person's profile will get you blocked for a temporary period of time. If you do it a second time, you will be blocked permanently.

Forum/Comments Policy

  • Do not double post on the comments.
  • Do not over quote. If you over quote, your reply may be edited or deleted.
  • Any threads that involve jokes are going to be removed, and the person who created the thread will have a warning and/or possible temporary block, depending on the situation.
  • Please make sure that your comment replies to the original thread. (For example, if there is a question like: How do I edit articles?, don't make your comment a thread about this new amazing car that you have).

Other Rules

  1. Follow what staff tell you unless it is out of hand (out of hand meaning, don't edit a certain page or you will get banned, this page is one page that you are NOT ALLOWED TO EDIT FOR AS THIS IS THE RULES PAGE)
  2. Do NOT swear, be offensive, or make people feel down for as it would cause drama and make more work for us.
  3. Do NOT start drama.
  4. Do NOT make more than 100 edits a day (causes spam).
  5. Do NOT edit users profiles without their permission.
  6. Do NOT be rude to staff, or other members of this wiki
  7. Do NOT change content if it doesn't need to be changed.
  8. Do NOT delete contents from pages (YOU WILL BE BANNED PERMANENTLY(staff don't like to deal with trolls))
  9. Do NOT troll
  10. Do NOT edit the templates. ADMINS ONLY PAGE
  11. Do NOT edit a players team page unless in some way shape or form is disrespectful to others or offensive to you or anyone's team or you have their permission.
  12. Tell staff if something seems a little different about a user(Like hacking, trolling, etc.)
  13. Do NOT say you hack(You will receive a 1 week ban the first time, the second is a month, the third is 68 years).
  14. Do NOT hack(If you are caught hacking, you will be banned for 68 years, along with your IP.)
  15. Use common Sense
  16. Have Fun! ☺☺☺

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