Outtie R11
New Outtie R11
Bought for: $4,207,500
Sold for: $2,524,200
Painted for: $631,125
Other attributes

The Outtie R11 is a Race Car based upon an Audi R15 Race Car, a league of the fastest land cars in the world. The Outtie R11 was notably one of the most adapted cars during the creation of the entirely new NitroType site. It features a complete redesign unseen by any other car on NitroType. 

One big mistake that the designers made, was on the side they put "R100" and not "R11". 


It is paint-able everywhere except for the black regions


The Outtie R11 is easy to mistake as a skin since the car itself was completely redesigned, but the car itself presents a new layer of opportunity when it comes to these skins.

The first skin released features a primarily blue body with red and silver decals.

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