Nitros are used to skip a word while racing. They are used by pressing the "enter" key during a race. There are several achievements requiring nitro use, especially during events.


You can buy Nitros from the dealership in increments of 10 nitros and $20,000, and they can be sold for $500 each in the garage. You can also earn them for free by winning races. You'll win 2 nitros if you get 1st place and 1 nitro if you get 2nd place.

Nitros can only be bought and sold in groups of 10. This was changed in the Nitro Type 2.0 update. Before the update, nitros could be bought and sold individually.

Tips and Tricks

  • Only use nitros on hard or sophisticated words such as sophisticated itself.
  • Use them at the beginning for a head start, or you can use them at the end to zoom past the other racers that are racing against you for the #1 place.
  • Commonly, nitros are used on words with lots of numbers, such as GRB 080319B or 1958, or symbols that require the shift keys. 

How to Obtain Nitros

You can obtain them in three ways. You may either purchase them at the dealership for the price of $2,000 per nitro, earn them by winning races (2nd place gives you 1 nitro, and 1st place gives you 2 nitros), or you could obtain them by opening mystery boxes.

Using Nitros

You are able to use a nitro by pressing the "enter" key on your keyboard.

You used to be able to use up to 3 nitros per race regardless of your speed. After an update in 2016, you are no longer able to use nitros if your speed is under 10 WPM. If your speed is 11-20 WPM, you can use 1 nitro per race. 21-30 WPM is only allotted 2 nitros per race, and anyone who types faster than 30 WPM can continue using 3 nitros per race.


  • In 2011, there was a known glitch on the regular site, in which you can have negative nitros which add a word to the passage. Using these could damage your account. Getting more nitros erases how many negative nitros you have. If you have negative 50 nitros, let's say for example, and you win first in a race and get two nitros, you would have negative 48 nitros. This glitch was fixed.
  • Nitros go bottom to top when you use them. Nitros use to go top to bottom when you used them but they changed it.