Overview and Links.

The Nitro Type YouTube channel is a community channel on YouTube that is owned by [SOSYeep!]. It currently has over 15 subscribers and uploads every one or two days.

Channel Playlists and Series

There are a few series currently on the channel such as the Let's Play, Friend Races, Insane Races, Commentaries, Community Races, Lists, Nitro Type Wiki, and Fast Fingers. All of these can be found in the playlists section.

Community Abilities

A big part of the Nitro Type YouTube channel is the fact that it was mainly created for nearly anyone on the site to record a racing milestone, racing session, any random race, etc.

Recording Softwares

There are many recording softwares out there in order to get your races recorded in the best quality possible. You could ask someone for suggestions or just look up some recommendations. I personally would check out this informative list about some great screen recorders. Of course, make sure to look at the ones that record your computer screen, not your xBox or PlayStation. You don't have to pay for the full version, you could just use a free version (not recommended, though).

Support The Channel

In order to keep any YouTube channel going, it is vital for the correct community. Every single comment on the channel is always monitered and deleted if it is deemed inappropriate. There will be no foul language, teasing, etc. YOU can help by subscribing (make sure you have a gmail/YouTube account), liking a video on the channel, leaving a comment, or e-mailing a race you've recorded. Make sure to download the race file first and then e-mail it to me :

In order to make sure it mails properly, make sure you have a good internet connection, a decent computer, and a video under 15 minutes (recommended).

If you are younger and have questions, seek a parent or guardian for help or have them e-mail the channel personally using the e-mail shown two paragraphs up.

Nitro type youtube channel profile picture

Nitro Type YouTube Channel Profile Picture

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