Nitro type master

The Achievement Nitro Type Master

Nitro Type Master is an achievement in the category Endurance Racing named after the legendary Nitro Type Masters clan. It was first earned by Vielle who made history when he completed the biggest session to that date and earned this achievement. It is obtained by Racing 800 times in a Single Session

As of 12/18/16, around 50 people have earned it. However, some of those who have recently got it earned it by typing in the 1-10 WPM zone and using 3 nitros per race, which can cut off 40% to 50% of the time the session takes. Vielle, Andrew, CarriePirc, AnnePirc, pashkhan, serg_omen, and SoundTJ are some of the people who are known to have done a proper session at their full average. A nonstop session at full typing speed now takes 18 or 19 hours. In the past, 800 races could be done in as little as 16.5 hours, but ~improvements~ to the racetrack have increased waiting time between races, unnecessarily lengthening sessions. Many consider this to be the first elite session achievement; after all, it does require over a full waking day of racing. While there are much longer session achievements, Nitro Type Master is the first that truly requires a day of dedication to NitroType.


Title: "Nitro Type Master"

Achievement Points: +225 Achievement Points


The achievement was named after the clan founded by Vielle, andrew1167, and Roberto in December 2012. It is still the only achievement named after a clan or a team.

For a time, it was the longest available session achievement. Since then, achievements for longer sessions of 1000, 1200, and 1800 races have been instated.

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