Nitro Type Dream Team was created on June 19, 2014 by ②Muɔɥ②§↻↻∩. You have to be at Level 20+ and your speed has to be at least 20 wpm or faster.

This team was at one point a very elite team, but lost its activity soon after ②Muɔɥ②§↻↻∩ had gone inactive, ranking number five on the Most Active Team scoreboard.

They have their own team site,

Below are the complete rules and rewards of NTDT:

1. You will be removed from NTDT after 7 days of inactivity UNLESS you are either an Elite Team Member, a Co-Captain, or an Elite Co-Captain.

2. Once you complete 500 team races, you are an Elite Member and will be removed from NTDT after 10 days of inactivity instead of the normal 7.

3. Once you complete 1,000 team races, you are a Co-Captain and will be removed after 12 days of inactivity.

4. Once you complete 2,500 team races, you are an Elite Co-Captain and will be removed after 20 days of inactivity. You will also receive another friend account from me.

5. After that, every 2,500 team races you complete will earn you another friend account.

6. At 5,000 team races, you will NEVER be removed from NTDT, and will be second in command, after ②Muɔɥ②§↻↻∩. Congratulations if you make it that far! 

As of now NTDT's team captain is [NTDT]②Muɔɥ②§↻↻∩. The Dream Team's officers are  [NTDT]The©℧ℬΣЯ, [NTDT]LOL, [NTDT]HomeSchoolTyper, [NTDT]☠Jacob_Da_Boss☠, and [NTDT]Arch⚔️Angel. Previous officers include ⭐️DukeDiesel⭐️ and The₵↻ⓐ§ⓣ€Я.

Since the absence of [NTDT]②Muɔɥ②§↻↻∩, DukeDiesel and The©℧ℬΣЯ have been carrying the team with their activity. The©℧ℬΣЯ has been negotiating with the admins to try to have the leadership of the team be transferred over to him. So far, his attempts have been unsuccessful, but he continues to persist.

In reality Jacob Da Boss should have ownership transferred to him because he has been on NTDT the longest and is the most loyal of the NTDT members. He is the most worthy of the position as well.

NTDT made a brief top 10 entrance in season 5 reaching 10th.