Back in Fall, 2011, Nitro-Type was created. Ever since their creations, only a few people from that long ago still play. The only know 2011 people that still play is the almighty F4U-Corrsair, Dragondude, and Mr. H (I think he still plays) are the only KNOWN players that still play. If any members from 2011 are still playing, you could add them in or so.

Here is a documentary of Dragondude's early days of Nitro-Type...

"It all started with me creating an account. So I did, at September 28th, 2011. I played during school, and I believe I did my FIRST 50 race session and got the Lance. Back then, that session took a while to do. The only thing that I remember typing was something about Mammoth Mountain. That's it, I don't remember typing anything else. I remember looking up (well I was in shock though) to Racer_X; he has done, what, 6,000+ races. It was truly amazing since nobody, NOBODY has ever done that many races. And though people agree that F4U-Corsair got the first NASA Shuttle, I think the true person that got it first was Racer_X. I don't remember seeing he-who-not-must-be-named or anyone else. CarriePirc never existed, Lacan never existed, Midnighthauler never existed, basically, everyone here today never existed. I never placed any comments on the news and I still don't know why I quit back in 2012. I was almost to the Trifecta (I believe I was 200+ races short). But when I came back around September 2013, I realized that I REALLY MISSED OUT on everything; all the cars and achievements and gold membership... I MISSED IT ALL. THAT is why, I don't want to miss ANY OTHER event or special car that is limited. The End... For Now!"

Another player from 2011 named PorterRobinson (aka Anthony) posted his experience back on the NT 2013 event #1 (post 967). Sadly, he doesn't play anymore...

"I remember when this site was so small. When I helped with the [ftw] glitch. When there was no friends list. When I had the name "Anthony". When I had spread the game on youtube. Now there is memberships. Go Nitrotype. Its been almost 2 years since last time I was on and I remember all the exciting things. I have matured and I still love the site. I am in 7th grade right now but when I started I was in 5th. Thanks for the awesome memories nitrotype. I am glad I participated in the history of nitrotype. Before everyone else came on. I smile when ever I see this site. Me and my classmates played this all the time.

The Original Anthony
P.S. If you don't remember me, you should remember 19nshrek or 2fast4u...he is my friend :) Hope I can help the Nitrotype staff some day. I just can't believe I let go of this place :( I am growing up :( "