The team New Nitro Type Republic is the reincarnation of the original Nitro Type Clan: Nitro Type Republic. This team represents the American government. The team was founded by Rusher and, ThePotionist on June 7th, 2016.

Captain Rusher

Rusher is the founder and President of the Nitro Type Republic. He is a fairly new player who joined Nitro Type on April 28, 2016 but, he has a very good reputation and, makes lots of money. The Nitro Type Republic used to be called The Rushers until they decided to rename it The Nitro Type Republic . A very ironic fact about the team is that Rusher didn't know there was a Nitro Republic Clan until after he called it that. One day he was searching the Wiki and found that there was a Clan that had his name. He was surprised but, he thought that he could go on with the team. Rusher may be a new player but, his journey through Nitro Type is predicted to be very great.


ThePotionist is Rushers real-life friend who he's known for a long time. ThePotionist introduced Rusher to Nitro Type and they both loved the game. ThePotionist and Rusher made the team together. Even though Rusher is the Captian he sees ThePotionist as his equal


To join The Nitro Type Republic you have to be:

Level 50

45 WPM Average

Republic Leaders

President: Rusher and ThePotionist

Vice President: HomerunLincoln

Body Guard: chase6471

Judge (1): [OPEN]

Senators (5): [OPEN]

Representatives (5): [OPEN]

Cabinet (3): [OPEN]

Admirals (2): [OPEN]

Generals (3): [OPEN]

Corporals (5): [OPEN]

Veterans (8): [OPEN]


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