Space Shuttle
Space shuttle
Bought for: $15,000,000
Sold for: $9,000,000
Painted for: $2,250,000
Other attributes
Resembles the Saturn 5

The NASA Shuttle (affectionately called the NASAL Shuttle by some) is the second most expensive vehicle in Nitro Type with a whopping price of 15 million dollars. It is desired by most players because of its rarity and high price. The Shuttle was first earned by F4U-Corsair and it has been purchased more than 200 times. It has a interesting design being based off a Saturn Rocket, but named a NASA Shuttle instead. It is a very high goal for most Nitro Type players due to it being one of the most expensive cars of Nitro Type (other than the Holiday Hero, which also costs $15,000,000.) that's not practically impossible to earn.

By purchasing this vehicle, you will earn the hidden achievement Astronaut.


Only the boosters at the bottom and the NASA logo can be painted. The default paint job is orange/blue.

The Model for the NASA Shuttle.

It has a small paint area with only the NASA symbol and the rocket exhaust tubes being paintable. It cost a total of $2.25 million to paint it and is the second most expensive vehicle to paint in Nitro Type, the most expensive being the Lacan Hypersport.


  • It is actually a Saturn Rocket according to its design.
  • It sells for $9,000,000 making it one of the most highest selling vehicles on Nitro Type
  • It is the most expensive dealership vehicle that is not holiday related.
  • The Wampus has this car in its garage
  • On the forums, a user accidentally added a letter to make it the NASAL Shuttle, in doing so it became an inside joke among veterans
  • This was the signature car of the veteran Tachyon.

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