Space Shuttle
Space shuttle
Bought for: $15,000,000
Sold for: $9,000,000
Painted for: $2,250,000
Other attributes
Resembles the Saturn 5

The NASA Shuttle is the second most expensive vehicle in Nitro Type with a whopping price of 15 million dollars. It is desired by most players because of its rarity and high price. The Shuttle was first earned by F4U-Corsair and it has been purchased more than 200 times. It has a interesting design being based off a Saturn Rocket, but named a NASA Shuttle instead. It is a very high goal for most Nitro Type players due to it being one of the most expensive cars of Nitro Type (other than the Holiday Hero, which also costs $15,000,000.) that's not practically impossible to earn.

By purchasing this vehicle, you will earn the secret achievement Astronaut.



The Model for the NASA Shuttle.

It has a small paint area with only the NASA symbol and the rocket exhaust tubes being paintable. It cost a total of $2.25 million to paint it and is the second most expensive vehicle to paint in Nitro Type, the most expensive being the Lacan Hypersport.


  • It is actually a Saturn Rocket according to its design.
  • It sells for $9,000,000 making it one of the most highest selling vehicles on Nitro Type
  • It is the most expensive dealership vehicle that is not holiday related.
  • The Wampus has this car in its garage
  • On the forums, a user accidentally added a letter to make it the NASAL Shuttle, in doing so it became an inside joke among veterans
  • This was the signature car of the veteran Tachyon.

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