Minnie the Cooper
New Mini
Bought for: $5,000
Sold for: $3,000
Painted for: $750
Other attributes
It is one of three cars that players get when they sign up for Nitro Type. If you pick it you get it for free.

Minnie The Cooper is a basic vehicle in Nitro Type, and one of the first three vehicles the player may choose.


Originally, this vehicle was the only option for new players, but has changed in the release of Nitro Type 2.0. You can now pick one of the three starter cars as your starter car. It is commonly underestimated, because it is the starter car, but some people choose to only save their money, thus using this car. These people tend to be highly skilled at typing in races and commonly play the game of cash intelligently, or they just don't understand the concept of a dealership.

Old Minne the Cooper


All parts of the car are paint-able except the white stripes.


  • The car is based off a Mini Cooper painted with racing decals.
  • This is the signature car for SBD captain Gamerman180

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