There are many variations of the tank colors and TheCorndog now came up with a skin for it!

Skin teaser

Desert Camouflage Mini Sherman skin.


800px-TankshermanM4 (1)

A real Sherman Tank.


It is an achievement car which is sold for 6 million dollars and painted for 1.5 million.


  • The name Mini Sherman indicates it is based off a M4 Sherman Tank even though not really any similarities are present between the two vehicles.
  • The tracks of the vehicles is really high meaning that it could be based off a World War I tank and the turrets boxy look highly resembles World War I tanks as many of them used simple box designs.
  • It has a United States flag which indicates that it is supposed to have similarities between the M4 Sherman.
  • The Sherman is considered poorly designed in its fixed looking turret and boxed design.
  • The Mini Sherman is achieved by completing 5000 races.

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