Car 55: MP 427
New Race
Bought for: $7,000,000
Sold for: $4,200,000
Painted for: $1,050,000
Other attributes
It is the only F1 car in the game. There is a possibility that there will be another version of a F1 in the future, but the Corndog has not confirmed nor denied this.

The MP 427 is a car that you unlock at level 40 in the Race Car category being on of the highest priced car there and one of the most sought out car being the only Formula 1 Car in the entire game. Unlike most high level cars this amazing car does not give you a hidden title if you buy it.


It is paint-able only on the red parts and the white parts, which can be tinged.


The MP Model for the car.


  • It is based off of the MP4-28
  • This is the only Formula 1 car in the entire game.

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