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NTLK was created on July 13th, 2016 by LightningTyper. GreenKnight joined and is considered his Co-Leader, because they are very good friends. Many famous racers joined and the team became very competitive. It was up on the scoreboards with the active teams (DOG, STPR, and NTA) but was also high on the speed scoreboards. NTLK's colors are Green and Yellow. Also NTLK's name is a combination of LightningTyper's name and GreenKnights' name.

In addition to GreenKnight, the officers are BlueKnight, sadness12 Happiness, and ReySkywalker. The team also changed it's name to XLS (Xcelserious Legends of Supernal, not to be confused with Xtreme Laser Strike) to get HollowManNoToNitros! on the team.

However, since LightningTyper and GreenKnight went inactive towards the end of summer, the team suffered tremendously after being among the fastest and most active teams of the summer of 2016. Many people left, as a result the captain and co-captain decided it was in the team's best interest to disband without active leadership. Much of the team went to the "Big 3" at the time (NTA, STPR, and DOG). However, shortly after being disbanded LightningTyper wanted to preserve the team's history, so the team tag is being held by LightningTyper's alt to this day.

Official NTLK team website-

Team Scoreboard Achievement

NTLK is one of the few teams to have ever been 1st on both the Speed and Activity Team Scoreboard.