Kringle 4000 XL
113 large 1
Bought for: $3,000,000
Sold for: $1,800,000
Painted for: $450,000
Other attributes
Kringle 4000 XL

Here Is what it looks like as an achievement

The Kringle 4000 XL was earned by completing the achievement of the same name, which required you to use 1000 nitros with an Xmaxx car during the 2014 event. This car was the second last car during the 2014 Winter Event, The last car to be achieved during this event was Buddy's Snowmobile. The Kringle 4000 XL is based off of the Kringle 4000. This car was replaced in the 2015 Xmaxx Event with the Kringle 5000 L.T..


  • Gives you Kringle 4000 XL
  • +80 Achievement Points

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