The clan International Typing Lords started on February 12, and has been doing very good in terms of members considering it is a new clan. The founder and owner is BuggyTyper7, who left SOL, due to the fact he didn't like the merge with NTF.


Leader: BuggyTyper7

Co-Leaders: ILOVEDABUDDER, colts13

Site Manager: BuggyTyper7

Admins: lamacheesepuff, pjcrowley, nitrotyper7


  • NeptuneXD
  • MsSoccer#1
  • theradiator
  • slamajama
  • Trick2G
  • ikillu24/7
  • yousif25
  • NITROTYPE337 (who is being considered for a position of power)


ITL is currently having a gold giveaway in which the two members that complete the most races win gold, and the person in third wins two friend accounts, each with 20 races. As of March 10, pjcrowley was in the lead followed by slamajama and ILOVEDABUDDER.

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