This clan was created on March 18, as a merge between the clans ITL (International Typing Lords), and KOT (Kings Of Typing). Their site is Their forum page is


Leaders: Volt Typer, Buggy

Admin +'s: None

Admins:  BossOfTheBaccas, KingOfKeyboards, thingamabob

Officers: kspade, Iamacheesepuff

Moderators: nitrotyper7, slamajama


M...Username, posidon525, MustacheUnicorn, ikillu24/7, yousif25, _wampus_clone, theradiator, [ITK]


Normal members: Level 45, 45 wpm

Gold members: Level 30, 35 wpm

Requirements for Officers

Moderators: None (chosen by the leaders)

Officers: Level 50, 40 wpm

Admins: Level 65, 45 wpm

Admin+: Level 115, 50 wpm

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