Hot Dog Mobile
Hot dog mobile
Bought for: $100,000
Sold for: $60,000
Painted for: $15,000
Other attributes
This car is one of the only food vehicles, the other being the Pizza car.

The Hotdog Mobile is a car obtained by completing the achievement "Friend Master," which requires you inviting 10 friends to Nitro Type.  Each friend must do 20 races in order to be validated. Instead of inviting real friends, most racers just make their own alternate accounts and complete twenty races on them to achieve this, for a total of 200 races. Because there is a skin for it is likely it will return in the near future. *NOTE* This car is unavailable, and cannot be achieved due to the fact that Nitro Type no longer having these achievements unless you earned them. This means this is a very high prized car.


A large section of the car is paintable.



Old Hotdog.

  • It once took 30 friends to invite to get this car till March 2012 when the 8 Bit Racer required 25 invited friends and bumped the Hotdog Mobile down to 10.
  • The achievements were taken off Nitro Type at the release of Nitro Type 2.0.

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