M Pic

Official logo for Team MAUI.

The Team

Hawaiian Beach Club (Team [MAUI]) was founded by EthanJ.S. on August 9th, 2015. It went through a name change with it first being called "Hawaii Beach Racers". The team is Hawaiian-themed with "Alohas" at the start and "Mahalos" at the end of each MOTD!

Hawaiian Beach Club strives to create that elite tropical atmosphere. With low requirements, team [MAUI] is a perfect team to join!

Shivtr Site

Shivtr Site Screenshot

Screenshot of the Shivtr site.

The official Shivtr site for the team is The site's design theme is classified as tropical-minimalist. The site was created not only for team members but for anyone who wants an upscale Shivtr site to chat an relax.

Fun Facts

  • Team [MAUI] briefly reached 3rd on the 24 hour "Fastest Teams" scoreboard thanks to  ♜⁂PrimalKnight⁂♜, who moved on to [NTS].
  • EthanJ.S. is also the founder of the NitroType Olympics, the largest competition on NitroType, complete with official titles and prizes from [NT]TheCorndog/Austin, the founder of NitroType! You can read more about the NitroType Olympics here - Official website: | Wikia page:

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