The Xcelsior V12

The biggest and most notable reward of all! The Xcelsior V12 represents a race car and is painted gold.



No Advertisements

Of course that is how Nitro Type makes money. Now that you have just given them $10 the ads are all gone now!


You get 20% painting discounts and 15% car discounts and more discounts for upcoming features. The only car known to be paintable with only a gold discount is The Xcelsior V12, The Golden Gift and the Gilded Xxpress.



Instant cash

For paying real money for the membership, you will also get Nitro Type cash. For ten dollars, you will get 2 million, for fifteen, you will get 7 million, and for twenty, you get 14 million. 

As you are gold now you would want to show everyone your awesomeness with your gold and awesome car. Apparently when people come to your racer profile you want them to know you support NitroType and how to do that? Well with icons and plaques of course!


Icon! To show the community you support NitroType.

And for the rest

  • Export logs. Which you could do in the past, but not anymore!
  • 90 days of racer logs. You could do this in the past till Gold Membership took it over.
  • Unlimited display name changes. (Who is gonna seriously use this?)
  • Exclusive early access to early testing features and sites.
  • Access the the NitroType Gold Membership Forums
  • 2 Free Achievements: I Love Gooooold! and Racing to Gold (The Gold Standard is no longer available).
  • Gifting: If you have a non-gold friend on Nitro Type, you can pay and give them gold membership.

It Lasts Forever

What is the point if you can't enjoy it? Well you can enjoy this forever for ages to come.



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