The "FAST & FURIOUS" Team ([FAST] for short) used to be a Team lead by MysteryMeat. Which disbandend and most of the racers left to join [HYP] which was a Team based off [FAST]. [FAST] aka [NTR] ("Never Throw Races") would dominate the speed board every day until the leader unfortunately disbandened. Today, the bloodline of [FAST] continues. [HYP]Orbitron who used to be second-in-command of the Team until they deleted it made a team [HYP] and it stands for "Hyperphotonic" which is the Team now that has taken [FAST] secret in dominating the speed board in their own hands. [FAST] had three really famous racers are still active today:

MysteryMeat [HYP]Orbitron [HYP]MusicalPro

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