The F4U-Corsair
Bought for: $2,000,000
Sold for: $1,200,000
Painted for: $300,000
Other attributes
Resembles the F4U-4

The F4U-Corsair was given to the player F4U-Corsair  after he had completed 10,000 races (achievement "Corsair (Achievement)") and was later made an achievement car. It is one of the most timeworthy Achievement Cars in the game. until The Pirc which required 20,000 races later on . It is the 4th Flying Machine in the game. F4U-Corsair now has completed 30,000 races. The F4U-Corsair is very cheap compared to the other "King of The Race" cars. It is even less than the Mini Sherman, a car that requires 5,000 races.


Corsair 2

A skin for the F4U Corsair

This appears to be another Corsair from another unspecified country. 


It is a highly paintable vehicle with its body and propeller edges being paintable.There are four possible colors that cover the whole body


  • It is one of the rarest vehicles in the game due to its high race requirement.
  • The propeller appears tilted as it were to be shown from a birds eye angle but it seems to be off considering the tail wings are not.
  • The plane is a World War II fighter-bomber plane. You can find more information on this article.
  • As of August 3, 2016 only 140 players have the Corsair!

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