Dom Vipper GST-R
Doge vipper2
Bought for: $150,000
Sold for: $90,000
Painted for: $22,500
Other attributes
It is an achievement vehicle, which means you can't purchase it at the dealership.

The Dom Vipper GST-R is an achievement car that is earned by completing the achievement "One Is Loneliest Number," which requires having only one car at level 30 or above. The Dom Vipper is a convertible with only a driver. The car itself is based Chrysler/Dodge Viper GTS-R . Currently, only about 3.6349% of the nitro type players have this achievement.


Dom vipper

A skin for the Dom Vipper GST-R

This is a Dom Vipper with a driver unlike previous versions and also more lighted unlike its 2D variants.


The Dom Vipper has a bright range of blendish colors to paint from.


  • It is the only car you can get for having a limited number of cars at a certain point, besides The Macro.

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