The team D O G, or [DOG] was formed on May 19, 2015 by iDigDogs! As of June 4, 2017, the team has 50 members and is one of the highest ranked teams. When the old scoreboards were removed, DOG was the second most active team of all time, with more than 500,000 races.

They have placed in every Nitro Type Season since Season 1.

Season 1: 1st Place

Season 2: 2nd Place

Season 3: 3rd Place

Season 4: Currently in the running for 1st or 2nd Place

Click here to join at

We also have a community at

[DOG] holds its members to high standards. There are three requirements to join:

1) Average 25 races per day

2) Type 70 WPM or higher

3) Type with 94% Accuracy or higher

Racers who are not active, type below 70 WPM, or have accuracy less than 94%, will, in turn, be removed from the team.

DOG is one of the three most active teams of all time. The captain and officers value loyalty to the team highly, and many DOG members have done more than 10,000 team races. Of the top three teams (NTA, DOG, and STPR), DOG has the highest accuracy and speed. Smithy, an officer, holds the record for one of the longest session ever completed, at 5,225 races.

The team holds some of the most famous racers. As of June 4, 2017 DOG's captain is iDigDogs!. Their officers are Petromax, Smithy, KarleyJo, Jerome_Morrow, and _HOUSE, Former officers include ConcreteCowboy  Viking   PhilliesMagic, Erika77, QueenOfPugs!, Mendark, Noelzt, konfuzed81, CarriePirc, MisterMouse, and RacerRalph.

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