It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to make a Nitro Type account. has made it incredibly simple to start typing at a competitive level.

Step 1

The first thing to do, of course, is to go to the Nitro Type site. Sign up here.

Step 2 - Fill in Some Information

There should be a link in the top right corner of the homepage next to the link that says “Log in” that will say "Sign Up". Go ahead and click that text.

You should now be looking at a box on the screen. There are 3 fields and 1 checkbox on the sign-up box, so go ahead and fill out those.

Username (between 4 and 15 characters)- The username is unchangeable once you complete registration. Pick something you'll remember because you'll either log in with that username or your email. You don't really need to memorize it, though because if you go to your public profile page, your original username will be in the link: [your original username]. Often times a popular name will have been taken up, so think up of something original for you!

Password- Type in something you'll remember. Anything works as long as it is at least six characters long.

Email: Optional. You can type in your email, but you don't have to. There is no account activation needed.

Check that little box for the Terms of Service on Nitro Type after you're finished reading them.

If you changed your mind about your username, you can go to your profile and change your display name. It works like a username, and everyone else will see you by that name if you change it. You can change your display name every 8 hours, but if you're a Gold Member, you can change it anytime you want (No Limit!). Note: You still need your original username to login to Nitro Type.

Step 3 - Final Step to Sign Up; Not Really That Hard, Right?

Gray button. Says "Sign Up". Really, you can't miss it. Once you click on that, your Nitro Type career is off the ground! You automatically get a title ("Raw Racing Recruit") and the choice of 3 cars: Minnie the Cooper, Jeepers Rubicorn, or Misoux Lion. But if it comes with the username already taken message, then just create another one. If your password is too short, just make it longer. It is also possible to log in to your account by using your email as the username.  

After you follow these basic steps, you've created your very own Nitro Type account!