Cars are an essential part of NitroType as they are what ultimately make NitroType's goals worth achieving. It wasn't the first site to implement this unique feature of racing. NitroType's official signature car as seen in Apps and the failure to find a page screen is the Lamborgotti Mephisto but with a darker shade of red that is not available in the paint jobs.


The error screen.


Official NitroType logo as seen on the Facebook site.

Dealership Cars

Starter Cars

(Unlocked at level 1)

Minnie the Cooper ($5,000)

Jeepers Rubicorn ($5,000)

Misoux Lion ($5,000)

Rocket Sleigh ($10,000)

'13 Summer Classic ($10,000)

Pumpkin Hauler ($1,500,000)

Six Four Plus Three ($20,000,000)

The Midnight Hauler ($500,000)

The Candy Hauler ($5,000,000) ($15,000,000 in 2016)

Y.A.C.H.T. ($10,000,000)

Nitr-o'-Lantern ($500,000)

Nitr-o'-the-Wisp ($5,000,000)

Track-o'-Lantern ($10,000,000)

Sport Coupes

(Unlocked at level 5)

Winston Agile ($12,800)

Winston Citroen ($19,100)

One Ace ($23,800)

Misoux Toad ($30,600)

Muscle Cars

(Unlocked at level 10)

Mission Accomplished ($22,200)

Thunder Cougarbird ($25,000)

The Fastback ($58,700)

'69 Shellback RT-500 ($62,000)

Sport Cars

(Unlocked at level 15)

Nizza 350x ($38,000)

Bastok Suprillia ($48,500)

Portch Spyder ($61,800)

Auttie Roadster ($64,900)


(Unlocked at level 17)

Big Blue ($35,000)

Mack Daddy ($70,000)

Big Hauler($72,000)

The Monster ($270,000)

Luxury Cars

(Unlocked at level 20)

Bimmer M2.0 ($66,000)

Mercedex Bens C-64 ($68,000)

Cougar Ace ($73,500)

Auttie B9 ($78,100)

Portch Picante ($107,100)

Bimmer 9.0t ($137,300)

Super Luxury Cars

(Unlocked at level 25)

Mercedex Bens V-20 ($209,000)

Bantly Super Sport ($280,400)

The Rolls ($380,000)

Exotic Cars

(Unlocked at level 30)

Portch GT3 RS ($185,000)

Lamborgotti Mephisto ($275,000)

Road Warrior ($320,000)

Valent Performo ($423,000)


(Unlocked at level 32)

Suziki GXRS 1200 ($120,000)

EZ Rider ($175,000)

Super Sport Cars

(Unlocked at level 35)

Fort GT40 ($250,000)

Linux Elise ($396,000)

Lamborgotti Mephisto SS ($430,000)

Lamborgotti AdventX($650,000)

The Judge ($700,000)

Ferreti Samsher 458 ($12,000,000)

Race Cars

(Unlocked at level 40)

Buggani Vyrus SS ($1,000,000)

Caterham Racer ($1,200,000)

Outtie R11 ($4,207,500)

MP 427 ($7,000,000)

Flying Machines

(Unlocked at level 45)

F-35 JSF ($10,000,000)

NASA Shuttle ($15,000,000)

Famous Cars

(Unlocked at level 50)

Flux Capacitor ($8,000,000)

The Gotham ($12,000,000)

Achievement Cars

Nitro Type Gold Vehicles

The Xcelsior V12

The Golden Gift

Gilded Xxpress

(Upgrade to Nitro Type Gold Membership)

Mystery Box Vehicles

Wisker Electric

Auttie R-8.1

Savings and Earnings Vehicles

The Gator (Earn 2,000 achievement points)

Blazing Buggy (Sell 15 cars)

Alpha Romero 8Ω (Sell 25 cars)

Dom Vipper GST-R (Only have one car at level 30+)

Popularity Contest Vehicles

Hotdog Mobile (Invite 10 friends)

8 Bit Racer (Invite 25 friends)

Hey Big Spender Vehicles

B-Team Van (Spend at least $250,000)

All Terrain Vehicle (Spend at least $1,000,000)

The Stallion (Own 10 cars)

The Flamerod (Own 20 cars)

The Macro (Own 30 cars)

King of the Race Vehicles

'67 Shellback GT-500 (Complete 250 races)

Rat Rod Skully (Complete 500 races)

The Trifecta (Complete 1,000 races)

Mini Sherman (Complete 5,000 races)

F4U-Corsair (Complete 10,000 races)

The Pirc (Complete 20,000 races)

Wach 6 (Complete 30,000 races)

'14 Mantaray (Complete 40,000 races)

Lacan Hypersport (Complete 50,000 races)

Police Bimmer (Complete 75,000 races)

Mercedex McLaro SLR (Complete 100,000 races)

Mercedex McLaro SHS 15.0 (Complete 150,000 races)

Endurance Racing Vehicles

Nitsua Lance 722 (Race 50 times in a single session)

General Beauregard (Race 100 times in a single session)

Wambulance (Race 200 times in a single session)

The Covenant (Race 300 times in a single session)

Cruisin' Back Vehicles

Zonday Tricolore

Event Achievement Vehicles

2012 Winter Event

Rocket Sleigh

Shadow Xmaxx Tree (Race 300 times in a single session w/ Holiday Car)

Xmaxx Tree Racer (Complete 400 races w/ Holiday Car)

Party Sleigh (Complete 700 races w/ Holiday Car)

2013 Summer Event

'13 Summer Classic

Hang Ten (Complete 400 races w/ Summer Car)

Hang Eleven (Complete 700 races w/ Summer Car)

'41 Woodie Deluxx (Race 300 times in a single session w/ Summer Car)

'41 Woodie Sunshine (Use 1,500 nitros)

'68 Roadtripper (Race 150 times in a session w/ Summer Car)

Hang Fifteen (Use 2,000 nitros)

2013 Halloween Event

Pumpkin Hauler

2013 Winter Event

Rocket Sleigh

The Golden Gift (Be a Gold Member)

Wreath Racer (Complete 150 races w/ Winter Car)

Santa's Buggy (Race 100 times in a session w/ Winter Car)

Party Sleigh (Complete 700 races w/ Winter Car)

Dark Elf (Use 1,000 nitros)

2014 Summer Event

Classic Woodie

Hang Ten (Complete 400 races w/ Summer Car)

Sun Buggie (Complete 800 races w/ Summer Car)

'41 Woodie Deluxx (Race 300 times in a session w/ Summer Car)

Hammer Wheels (Use 2,000 nitros)

2014 Halloween Event

Pumpkin Hauler

2014 Winter Event

Rocket Sleigh

Wreath Racer (Complete 150 races)

Xmaxx Tree Racer (Complete 400 races)

Kringle 4000 (Complete a 100 race session)

Buddy's Snowmorocket (Complete a 110 race session)

Buddy's Snowmobile (Use 600 nitros)

Kringle 4000 XL (Use 1,000 nitros)

The Golden Gift (Be a Gold Member and log in during the event)

2015 Summer Event

Classic Woodie

Six Four (Complete 400 races w/ Summer Car)

'41 Woodie Deluxx (Race 300 times in a session w/ Summer Car)

Sun Buggie (Complete 800 races w/ Summer Car)

Six Four Plus Three (Use 2,000 nitros w/ Summer Car)

2015 Halloween Event

The Midnight Hauler

The Candy Hauler

2015 Winter Event

Rocket Sleigh

The Golden Gift

Kringle 5000

Kringle 5000 L.T.

Buddy's Snowmobile

Wrapped Wracer

Wrapped Wracer GT

Xmaxx Tree Racer

2016 Summer Event

Classic Woodie

Floaty Blue (Complete 400 races w/ Summer Car)

B.O.A.T. (Race 300 times in a session w/ Summer Car)

Six Four Plus Three (Use 2,000 nitros w/ Summer Car)

I'm Spicy! (Complete 800 races w/ Summer Car)

2016 Hallowampus Event

The Candy Hauler



Winter Event 2016

Rocket Sleigh

The Golden Gift (Be a gold member during the Xmaxx event)

Gilded Xxpress

Xmaxx Xxpress (Race 125 times)

Wrapped Wracer

Xmaxx Tree Racer

XMaxx Xxpress XXL

Lamborgotti Xmaxx LT

Buddy's Snowmobile

Lamborgotti Xmaxx LT-C

Summer Event 2017

Summer Classic


Strykist 1300

Range Runner

Strykist 1300 XT-LR

2017 Hallowampus Event




The Candy Hauler

2017 Winter Event

Rocket Sleigh

Gingerbread Racer

Car IDs

Car 1: Lamborgotti Mephisto SS

Car 2: Lamborgotti Mephisto

Car 3: Jeepers Rubicorn

Car 4: Portch Picante

Car 5: Bantly Super Sport

Car 6: The Rolls

Car 7: Winston Citroen

Car 8: Winston Agile

Car 9: Rental Car

Car 10: Mission Accomplished

Car 11: Buggani Vyrus SS

Car 12: Scrapped Brown Convertible

Car 13: Auttie B9

Car 14: Nitsua Lance 722

Car 15: Misoux Lion

Car 16: Misoux Toad

Car 17: Minnie the Cooper

Car 18: Nizza 350x

Car 19: One Ace

Car 20: Cougar Ace

Car 21: Rand Rover R/T

Car 22: B-Team Van

Car 23: Mercedex Bens V-20

Car 24: Mercedex Bens C-64

Car 25: Portch Spyder

Car 26: Auttie Roadster

Car 27: Bimmer M2.0

Car 28: Bimmer 9.0t

Car 29: Thunder Cougarbird

Car 30: Rat Rod Skully

Car 31: Outtie R11

Car 32: '69 Shellback RT-500

Car 33: The Flamerod

Car 34: Valent Performo

Car 35: Portch GT3 RS

Car 36: General Beauregard

Car 37: '67 Shellback GT-500

Car 38: Road Warrior

Car 39: Linux Elise

Car 40: '69 Shellback RT-500

Car 41: Scrapped Pink Truck

Car 42: The Gator

Car 43: Bastok Suprillia

Car 44: The Judge

Car 45: The Stallion

Car 46: The Macro

Car 47: The Fastback

Car 48: The Covenant

Car 49: The Trifecta

Car 50: 8 Bit Racer

Car 51: Mini Sherman

Car 52: Typiano Pizza Car

Car 53: Rocket Man

Car 54: All Terrain Vehicle

Car 55: MP 427

Car 56: Wambulance

Car 57: Hotdog Mobile

Car 58: F-35 JSF

Car 59: NASA Shuttle

Car 60: Caterham Racer

Car 61: Mack Daddy

Car 62: Big Hauler

Car 63: Big Blue  

Car 64: Fort GT40

Car 65: Dom Vipper GST-R

Car 66: Alfa Romero 8Ω

Car 67: Blazing Buggy

Car 68: F4U-Corsair

Car 69: Rocket Sleigh

Car 70: Xmaxx Tree Racer

Car 71: Shadow Xmaxx Tree

Car 72: Party Sleigh

Car 73: Zonday Tricolore

Car 74: The Monster

Car 75: Flux Capacitor

Car 76: The Gotham

Car 77: The Pirc

Car 78: Suziki GXRS 1200

Car 79: EZ Rider

Car 80: Lamborgotti AdventX

Car 81: '13 Summer Classic

Car 82: Hang Ten

Car 83: '41 Woodie Deluxx

Car 84: Hang Eleven

Car 85: '41 Woodie Sunshine

Car 86: The Xcelsior V12

Car 87: '68 Roadtripper

Car 88: Hang Fifteen

Car 89: Wach 6

Car 90: Fort F-125

Car 91: Wisker Electric

Car 92: '67 Vette

Car 93: Alfa Romeo

Car 94: Fort Stallion

Car 95: Police Bimmer

Car 96: Auttie R-8.1

Car 97: The Wampus

Car 98: Pumpkin Hauler

Car 99: Wreath Racer

Car 100: Santa's Buggy

Car 101: Travis's Car

Car 102: Dark Elf

Car 103: The Golden Gift

Car 104: Corndog's Car

Car 105: '14 Mantaray

Car 106: Ferreti Samsher 458

Car 107: Lacan Hypersport

Car 108: Error Page

Car 109: Sun Buggie

Car 110: Hammer Wheels

Car 111: Kringle 4000

Car 112: Buddy's Snowmobile

Car 113: Kringle 4000 XL

Car 114: Buddy's Snowmorocket

Car 115: Six Four

Car 116: Six Four Plus Three

Car 117: The Midnight Hauler

Car 118: The Candy Hauler

Car 119: Kringle 5000

Car 120: Wrapped Wracer

Car 121: Wrapped Wracer GT

Car 122: Holiday Hero

Car 123: Kringle 5000 L.T.

Car 124: Mercedex McLaro SLR

Car 125: Floaty Blue

Car 126: B.O.A.T.

Car 127: I'm Spicy!

Car 128: Y.A.C.H.T.

Car 129: Mercedex McLaro SLR 12.5

Car 130: Nitr-o'-Lantern

Car 131: Nitr-o'-the-Wisp

Car 132: Xmaxx Xxpress

Car 133: XMaxx Xxpress XXL

Car 134: Gilded Xxpress

Car 135: Lamborgotti Xmaxx LT

Car 136: Lamborgotti Xmaxx LT-C

Car 137: Mercedex McLaro SHS 15.0

Car 138: Strykist 1300

Car 139: Range Runner

Car 140: Strykist 1300 XT-LR

Car 141: Track-o'-Lantern

Daily Rewards Vehicles

Zonday Tricolore | Wisker Electric | Auttie R-8.1

Nitro Addiction Vehicles

Rand Rover R/T

Winning Vehicles

Rocket Man | Fort F-125

Hitting the Track Vehicles

Typiano Pizza Car

Unfinished/Unreleased Vehicles

Corvette Stingray | Rental Car | Scrapped Brown Convertible | Scrapped Pink Truck | Fort Stallion | Alfa Romeo

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