144 large 1

This is considered an XMAXX Car.

If Used during XMAXX, you get 50% extra cash and XP from each race.

Buddy's Snowmobile
112 large 1
Bought for: $50,000
Sold for: $30,000
Painted for: $7,500
Other attributes
This car is only available during the 2014 and 2015 Xmaxx Events.

The Buddy's Snowmobile is an Xmaxx 2014 event car achievable by using 600 nitros with a holiday car. It was originally a secret achievement, however it was made public once the first person had used 600 nitros.

"To kick off the season of sharing (and shivering [except in Australia {I'm looking at you CarriePirc <yes, I know also Indonesia ⟦yes yes also hemispherical locations⟧>}]), we are releasing the slick little snowmobile, aptly named "Buddy's Snowmobile". I'm sure some of you know about Buddy the Elf (he knows santa!). Well, he's ready to hit the track, but he'll only join your team if you bust enough nitros. Don't be a cotton-headed ninnymoggins! Get this car!"

(The Description of Buddy's Snowmobile on the Xmaxx 2014 page)

It is now a revealed achievement in the 2015 Winter Event and the 2016 Winter Event, by, again, using 600 nitros with your holiday car.


The default paint job is red and green.
112 large 1 60

Lime Buddy's Snowmobile

112 large 1 120

Green/Blue Buddy's Snowmobile

112 large 1 180

Light Blue Buddy's Snowmobile

112 large 1 240

Purple Buddy's Snowmobile


  • This car is a clone-car of the Trifecta
  • It is named after Buddy the Elf from the movie Elf.
  • "Cotton-headed ninnymoggins!" is a quote from "Elf"

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