ATTENTION! This page will not get edited anymore. It will instead be preserved.

Okay! Uh, not sure what to put here yet. Despite the name suggesting that the Clan is pretty serious, it's really not. Anyone is welcome to join!

General Overview

The Clan was founded by Jesuis. Although his profile states otherwise, he is not Greek. He also enjoys talking about himself in the third person. The clan was originally a joke, made to make fun of the people with the "tryhard" clan names like "Armageddon Typing Lords". No offense to the tryhards. Then, I would love to say it blew completely out of proportion and millions of people have joined Jesuis' clan. In reality, there are officially 3 members of the clan currently, although Jesuis' friend can't change her username because she isn't level 7 yet. :( The 3 (4) members are:

  1. Clan Leader [ßσφ]♦J鏏§µî§♦
  2. Next [ßσφ]♠§ïðKïð2ΘΘΘ♠ 
  3. Someone who can't use alt num-codes [ßσφ]♥pieman2121♥
  4. Our unofficial honorary member em349

Stuff like qualifications and quirks!

First, one important thing to note is our ranking system. ( Remnant of my WoW guild days) There are four ranks, as shown below:

  • ♦-Diamond, the Leader, even though Spade is bigger most of the time.- Only Jesuis
  • ♠-Spade, the Second, who is second.-Only Sidkid2000
  • ♣-Club, for Senior Members.-After you've been in the clan for 1 month, or if you can type faster than 70 WPM, or if you're an honorary member because I know you IRL
  • ♥-Hearts, because We Love You. And you can't seem to learn how to use the alt num-codes.-Everybody else.

So yea, another thing is that we all change our country to Greece, because Greece is awesome, and we all wish we were born in that amazing country. Also, try to infuse as many alt-code symbols into your name as possible, because it's intimidating, even though Jesuis has only ever clocked at 108 WPM. It was a lot of fun for Jesuis to create this webpage, and although nobody will ever read it, he really wishes that someday, somepeople will join his clan and embrace the Heart of the Cards.

Unfortunately this clan is no longer being managed.