• Nitrotypewiki1

    thank you nitro type wiki fo all your help 

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  • Xvenom10


    April 19, 2017 by Xvenom10

    these 100 race in a sessions are painful. But they give the best cars and rewards.

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  • 6dg5yAuS

    Hey guys, it's me again. This time, I'm looking for some very active Nitro Type players to join my team, [MAT3]. That stands for, Most Active Players. And the one is for our future for first. On the teams leaderboards!

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  • Qwerty91994

    Paint Jobs

    December 20, 2016 by Qwerty91994

    You may have have noticed that some cars have an extra tab on them that says paint jobs such as the Jeepers Rubicorn.

    I am planning to add all the paint jobs of all the cars so everyone can easily view them.

    I am doing 5 cars a day, so hopefully I can finish by the end of January.

    Afterwards I am sweeping all the images and deleting all the unecessary pictures or the ones that do not follow the fomat.

    Happy Editing!

    Nitro Type Rules! -Qwerty91994 (talk?) 22:09, December 20, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Moment-Of-Silence

    My Account

    December 19, 2016 by Moment-Of-Silence

    My account name is GhostRider98765-

    I average around 80-90 wpm and my highest is 125 wpm.

    I have completed over 10,000 races on Nitro Type. (I completed my 10,000 race on December 16, 2016)

    My main team that I am in is LT (Legendary-☬-Typers) (I have completed over 8,400 races on the team.)

    My highest session is 801 session races. I earned the title Nitro Type master for it on October 24, 2016.

    That is pretty much it. :P

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  • Moment-Of-Silence

    Test Blog

    December 19, 2016 by Moment-Of-Silence

    This is just a test blog since I have not made one before. This is irrelevant.

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  • Grante

    well im back all who want to frinde me this is my page link i already have 300 frindes mostly lv 300+ so unless your a high level or fast typer i may not accepte sorry

    i am one of the older members of nitro type i started on november 7 2013 hard to bealive its been 4 years already almost i type a lot but dont have many races done i am well known for my frinde races and for always being a llittle crazy on the news so now im ip bannedon there well stuff hapenneds my highest speed is 111wpms my avreage is 75-90wpms i am also known for my custom achviment six zero racer  for more info i advise you all to click on that page i was up to …

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  • 6dg5yAuS

    How fast can you type?

    November 20, 2016 by 6dg5yAuS

    I can type 67wpm, how fast can you type?

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  • 6dg5yAuS

    What's up Nitro Type racers? Holiday cars are comin in hot this year during the cold season! I bet you all have been saving your money for the Holidays! Have great races, and complete the achievements!

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  • Cheetawolfnitrotyper

    New Poll

    October 28, 2016 by Cheetawolfnitrotyper

    We now have a new poll on the Nitro Type Wiki home page. Please vote, so that we can get the most accurate information. After November 5, this poll will be replaced with a new poll, and the results will be recorded on a separate page (coming soon!) Feel free to contact me here if you have any questions.

    I'm gonna keep this post short so I can race on nitro type. Spooky!

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  • Cheetawolfnitrotyper


    We have a new way to introduce incomplete articles!

    Go to source mode on your page, then type ((Incomplete)). Note, instead of using the ), you use the }.

    It should look like this:


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  • Cheetawolfnitrotyper


    August 19, 2016 by Cheetawolfnitrotyper

    So, to help improve the quality of the wiki, I would like you to come and vote on these posts to further imrpove Nitro Type Wiki!

    Note: I don't have time to make polls right now, polls will be coming soon!

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  • LightningTyper

    Hey everyone, just had an idea... What if we made pages about really famous racers? A couple people we could make pages for are CarriePirc, iloveshoes2, SliderOnTheBlack, paulamirada2, etc. Let me know if you'd like to help me with this project :D

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  • Cheetawolfnitrotyper


    July 8, 2016 by Cheetawolfnitrotyper

    There is a now a new way to do reports, introducing the "tabber" method on doing reports.

    This is my user profile:

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  • Qwerty91994

    New Admin

    July 7, 2016 by Qwerty91994

    We happen to have recently promoted Cheetawolfnitrotyper as a new administrator here on our wiki! She has been active a lot and since we need help, she seems ready enough to step up!

    You can head over to her message wall to say congratulations to her! :)

    Nitro Type Rules! -Qwerty91994 (talk?) 20:23, July 7, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Qwerty91994

    Hey guys!

    Since the Summer Event is on now, I would like it if you guys can help me fill out the summer achievements and cars. I have the regular achievements, but when secret achievements are getting earned I would like you guys to add them too.

    Thanks! :)

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  • Grante

    @GO TEAM (WGR)

    June 2, 2016 by Grante

    dang it's been a little since i wrote i just like to say that team (WGR) is going great and got number 5 on most active team's yestrday so were almost in the all time scoarbraord it's nothing comarped to (DOG).  (1XLS) and (NTA)  but it's getting there slowly :)

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  • Skylovescookies


    May 31, 2016 by Skylovescookies

    Hey my name is Skyler, I am new to this. I hope you guys have fun typing and learning! Don't be rude to one another, NONE likes RUDE people! I am really nice I like to type, Read and COLOR!!!

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  • Grante

    a litlle bout me

    May 17, 2016 by Grante

    i have plaayed on nitro type 3 year's looking for somone to give my account to who will race lot's on it and enjoy it as much as me in game name @grante

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  • EliteLlama


    May 15, 2016 by EliteLlama

    First blog post!

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  • FirestoneBear

    The beginning.

    April 7, 2016 by FirestoneBear

    I have now been a member of NT for over 3 months, and I think it's time to  tell you all how much I have enjoyed (nearly) every moment! I cant believe how much I have imroved in speed. I would like to thank [STPR]paulmiranda2 for being a awesome captain, always encouraging the team and keeping us active. I would also like to thank my fellow officers [STPR]RunawayPizza!, [STPR]Skyler2000000 and [STPR]free_swimmer, for being there for the team when our captain was unavailable. Thank you Mr.Austin for creating this wonderful game!

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  • Qwerty91994

    Home Page Revamped!

    March 22, 2016 by Qwerty91994

    Hey guys! Just a small update here.

    I revamped the home page so that it is more beautiful and not just some boring wall of text.

    All templates are admin edits only, so do not bother trying to change it.

    For those profile pictures, I just saved them and uploaded them manually, so if you change your profile picture, I have to manually change them myself.

    Until I do something new, enjoy!

    Nitro Type Rules! -Qwerty91994 (talk?) 01:39, March 22, 2016 (UTC)

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  • ManOnAMission

    Hi everyone! ManOnAMission here! Just wanted to say this to the admins, thank you so much for blocking Grante and utterly taking away all of his power. Plus, his grammar kinda ticked me off, like many others. Another issue I have to mention is article cleanup. A LOT of pages on this wiki desperately need major revisions. Mainly grammar and maybe page layout changes. We also need to add some more information to pages otherwise they are simply just stubs. Just keep it in mind. Also, if you got a problem, you can just talk to me. Until next time, this is ManOnAMission signing off!

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  • ManOnAMission

    Just Saying Hi

    March 18, 2016 by ManOnAMission

    Hello everybody! I am ManOnAMission, a relative newcomer to THIS WIKI, and a veteran on other wikis and Nitro Type. BTW, feel free to friend me on Nitro Type. My username is KeyboardSword. Until next time, this is ManOnAMission, signing off!

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  • Qwerty91994

    Hey guys!

    Since I'm kinda floating around I decided to create a little fun template for you guys.

    This template when put on your wall shows people how many edits you have actually made on this wiki.

    Just simply put UserEditCount with these braces around it on your profile!

    It would be good if you guys can be able to do all of these things.

    -add proper categories onto each page (remmeber it's achievement vehicles... not achievement cars)

    -add pictures of COMPLETED achievements on ones that don't have

    -gallery pictures of painted cars if they don't have any

    When the summer event rolls around the admins will set up the pages and then you can edit them.

    Until then, have fun! :)

    Nitro Type Rules! -Qwerty91994 (talk?) 19:14, March 5, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Andrewbomkamp

    The Nitro Type Wikia

    February 17, 2016 by Andrewbomkamp

    The Nitro Type Wikia is a new wikia that anyone who is active and trustworthy can become an admin, a moderator, or a burerocrat.

    Here's the link to The Nitro Type Wikia:

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  • GMS1Sydneypooh3

    About Nitro Type  Nitro Type is a typing game that allows students to race with friends. In this game you can race up to five people! In this article I will show the different types of cars from Nitro Type. Starter Cars

    Sports Coupes

    Muscle Cars

    Sport Cars


    Luxury Cars

    Super Luxury Cars

    Exotic Cars

    Motor Cycles

    Super Sport

    Race Cars

    Flying Machines

    Famous Vehicles

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  • Cheetawolfnitrotyper

    Nitro Type

    January 8, 2016 by Cheetawolfnitrotyper
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  • EelkyPlays

    Nitro Type Race blog

    December 24, 2015 by EelkyPlays

    for people!

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  • EelkyPlays

    Nitro Type fans

    December 23, 2015 by EelkyPlays
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  • Wowtoo


    November 18, 2015 by Wowtoo


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  • $$Rich Racer$$

    Nitro Type

    August 29, 2015 by $$Rich Racer$$

    Nitro Type is fun. It is a great way to type faster and make freinds

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  • $$$lovelife$$$

    How I found Nitro Type is by a friend actually, he introduced me to Nitro Type back on June 6th, 2013, his user profile is Please_Stop_Hating. I enjoyed Nitro Type pretty much after that, though I joined the day the Summer Event of 2013 started, I also had no internet that day. Before I started playing Nitro Type, I played Clone Wars Adventures! Which is now sadly ended. My long-term goal when I started Nitro Type was to get the NASA Shuttle, then it changed, now I am striving for all the achievements, even though I am still missing one from the Summer Event 2015, which I wil get probably this weekend if I am not busy. My favorite thing about Nitro Type is the comepitition. It is fun to race others and be competative, you can choose what y…

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  • James the Train Lover

    Site Updates

    August 16, 2014 by James the Train Lover

    Nitro Type is going to update but first it asked the racers to test the new features out at They are fixing the scoreboards and race tracks and stuff so I looked in the dealership and I noticed they are remaking some of the old cars: 

    What do you think? I like them :P

    James the Train Lover (Message Me!) 07:14, August 16, 2014 (UTC)

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  • XReficul

    Nitro Type Clans

    March 27, 2014 by XReficul

    The clans are so confusing. There are all these merges and lists of people disbanded. I want to known, what is the list of current clans in Nitro Type? No disbanded ones, though. It doesn't have to be every little clan I just want a list of active clans that are known about at least a little.

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  • Nitrotype337

    Spring 2014 Event

    February 14, 2014 by Nitrotype337

    Corndog has said he is mostly likely not going to do a Spring 2014 Event, but many racers have been wanting an event maybe smaller than the summer and winter ones. Do you want one? Post here. Also, if you have any suggestions for cars, titles, or achievements for it, post here. If you guys can't access the Nitro Type Forums, I can always relay your suggestions to users on there. 

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  • Nitrotype337

    Nitro Type Drawing

    February 12, 2014 by Nitrotype337

    Hello typists, here is where you can post how many races you have done for the drawing to design a car. I have done around 250. What about you guys?

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  • Doctor Eggyman

    2013 Retrospectus

    January 2, 2014 by Doctor Eggyman

    Wow. Vielle and Andrew mentioned on it once again! 9 lucky people got to be mentioned on this blog post and a minor tenth person.

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  • Umopapisdnpuag

    So, uh...

    December 6, 2013 by Umopapisdnpuag

    I have noticed someone named "alo016" on NitroType. He apparently types at 3,120 wpm, which is physically impossibru. Here is the link to his profile:

    And if he is banned by the time you guys see this, here is a screenshot of his profile:

    I'm just saying this, if you're going for god mode and you see this guy, leave.

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  • Umopapisdnpuag


    December 5, 2013 by Umopapisdnpuag

    Hello World!

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  • Rat77


    July 26, 2013 by Rat77

    i don't like that you cannot talk about clans in the news posts

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  • ThrustSSC

    Hello - Testing

    July 9, 2013 by ThrustSSC

    Hello world! I am testing out this blog thingamabobber. I am currently back from my vacation in Wisconsin. And now I'm home, and I'm going to Valley Fair on Thursday. While I listen to music, here is Pi.

    3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923 0781640628620899862803482534211706798214808651328230664709384460 9550582231725359408128481117450284102701938521105559644622948954 9303819644288109756659334461284756482337867831652712019091456485 6692346034861045432664821339360726024914127372458700660631558817 4881520920962829254091715364367892590360011330530548820466521384 1469519415116094330572703657595919530921861173819326117931051185 4807446237996274956735188575272489122793818301194912983367336244 065664308602139494639522…

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  • Mr.Quizzical

    THE FORUMS ARE BACK PEOPLE!!!!! Except only for "Gold Members".

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  • Mr.Quizzical

    Just wondering how

    June 19, 2013 by Mr.Quizzical

    How do you get the pictures for different achivements? Like get one of the pictures like these:

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  • FooMama

    The Forums Are Down!!!

    June 18, 2013 by FooMama

    Ok. The Nitro Type Forums are down. Not good. The clans are already beginning to fall apart, and all that awesomeness was lost( However I archived about 10 pages from history using snapshot: the forums came down when  I was browsing them)

    Now what do we do?

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  • Mr.Quizzical

    Just wondering. I signed up on Wikia just to edit and make Nitrotype wikia better and have more informaiton. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas of new pages. I have made actual web pages before. I will make whatever nitrotype wikia page you guys want. Either reply to this blog or post on my message wall some ideas. I will edit or start new pages.



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  • Vielle

    Classified Information.

    June 13, 2013 by Vielle

    So today I added lots of articles on info many of you aren't aware of such as the car models which I will try to obtain more each day to help expand the wiki and its full variety of information and to fulfill each article with more info! We journey to other sites for Info to our wikis! Also I got some early car pictures before anyone else did back in December of cars like the Gotham , Adventx , Flux Capacitor, and Motorcycles and will be looking forward to post more pics and pics to articles of information never seen to the public! Including car models and some pics we've seen, but some of you haven't like the driverless EZ Rider.

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  • Qwerty91994


    June 9, 2013 by Qwerty91994

    I see that some of you guys are now more active and helping a lot on the cars and achievements! Congrats on the activity. The only bad thing is that I have to monitor everything :(.

    Well anyways, my goal is to finish all those achievements and fill in all those cars, so I hope you guys can finish it off for me! :D

    Nitro Type Rules! -Qwerty91994 (talk?) 23:58, June 9, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Nezziegreenleaf

    Ok with the whole summer update thing I made a ton of money. I currently have 8.4 M and am wondering what to do with it naturally. I have a couple of options:

    1. Buy the outtie and still have 4M

    when I first started NT my dream was to get the outtie, but now well I don't know I don't find it so attractive anymore.

    2. Get the MP

    Many people say I would look good in this car......any opinions?

    3. Well just buy the flux!

    I kind of want to have some left after a purchase. So this option would have to wait a bit, until I have extra money.

    4. Save for the Gotham

    It is a pretty sweet car by me. I'd have to save, but I'm a lot nearer to getting it.

    5. Save for Shuttle

    this one is expensive. And I don't think that's it's the right car for me.

    6. Wait for the …

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  • FooMama

    Typing diffrences

    June 7, 2013 by FooMama

    I was lying in bed one day, thinking about typing. Then I realized that since I type QWERTY with major diffrences, how do other people type? I want to see how many major variations of QWERTY there are, and don't get started about  AZERTY, QWERTZ, Dvorak, and Coleman. Enough is Enough.

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