The Armageddon Typing Lords , or [ATL], is a clan created by Wildcat6 and his older brother SocretesIV. The current leaders are Wildcat6 and LegolasG.(Greenleaf-20 character limit). The requirements are at least 1,050 races, 50 WPM, and level 55, but they do make exceptions for extremely fast people. This clan has now merged with NTM to form SOL, and SOL merged with NTF to form COL

To apply please visit here.

Please include your username on NitroType as a comment.


Pre-Clan Period

The two brothers, Wildcat6 and SocretesIV, had the idea of making a clan. Thus, [ATL] was created on Thursday, May 23, 2013. (NEEDS MORE INFO)

Early Clan Period: May-Early June

Since [ATL] is relatively new, there isn't much history to date. However, Wildcat6 left [ATL] and rejoined [NTM] on 6/11/2013. He has now been kicked out and rejoined [ATL].

Clan Period: June-Early July

The clan is disbanding as one of the clan leaders (Wildcat6) left to join NTM as you know, and the other leader (SocretesIV) has practically left Nitro Type. The forums going going down  was also a big factor. So, they are unorganized now, but slowly coming back together.

Clan Period: Early July-Present

The clan is reorganized and getting back it's strength!


  • [ATL] was created by brothers.
  • Exceptionally highly thought of and popular. In a poll on the forums, with votes cast by NitroTypers, [ATL] placed second - in a tie - as most successful clan.


No unicodes are shown in this complete and current list of the Armageddon Typing Lords members, so the readibility is higher. Also, typers tend to like to change the unicode symbols in their viewing name.

  • [ATL]Wildcat6 - leader
  • [ATL]LegolasGreenleaf - leader
  • [ATL]Flying_Hawk - third in command
  • [ATL]Tomas10 (QuestTyper, Mayday) - manager
  • [ATL]Death_Stalker - moderator (If he's still in)
  • [ATL]Lady_Alyss - assistant manager
  • [ATL]MrGuy - Supervisor
  • [ATL]Schuurmonster - assistant Supervisor
  • [ATL]#Nitrotyper - assistant Supervisor
  • [ATL]Rat77 - Member
  • [ATL]Mozart - assistant manager
  • Previous Members (People Who Left)
  • [ATL]Sebastian (Former Member)
  • [ATL]DoctorWho (Former Admin)
  • [ATL]quikISfair (Former Moderator)
  • [ATL]ニードレス (Former Supervisor - Left to join [NTF])
  • [ATL]SocretesIV (Former Leader/Founder)
  • [ATL]Alaskan (Left to join [NTM])

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