All Hail & Bow Before.

Both Achievements completed.

All Hail and Bow Before were arguably the most longest and desired achievements in Nitro Type before Typing Nightmare; it was achieved first by Vielle in an endurance session to get 1,000 races in a single session in less than 24 hours. It takes 1,000 races in a single session to obtain and gives you 250 achievement points for both "Bow Before" and

Completed achievements on NitroType 2.0

"All Hail" making it 500 achievement points and is a hidden achievement as of February 5th, 2013. It also became the first achievement to have more then 2 rewards with 2 titles and 250 extra Achievement points. This achievement was added on January 2nd and was once named "The Epic" until Corndog quickly changed it to 2 separate achievements and replaced Nitro Type Master (Achievement) which replaced The Covenant as the most desired or lengthiest achievement in NitroType.


  • +500 Achievement Points (+250 each achievement)
  • Title: "Emperor"
  • Title: "Empress"

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