This is a complete list of all the achievements on Nitro Type. Achievements are earned when a certain task is completed.

List of Achievements


 * Means it is a secret achievement.
  Means it was once a secret achievement.
 ξ Means the requirements in order to obtain was changed at one point.
 ^ Means it was removed.
 β Means it had its achievement points values changed at one point.

Everyday Achievements:

So Easy, Why Wait?

  • Join the Fun * (If you don't have an account/aren't logged in, this won't show. You get it upon creating an account.)

Savings and Earnings

Popularity Contest

Hey Big Spender

King of the Race

Endurance Racing

Cruisin' Back

Movin' On Up

Long Hauling

Nitro Addiction


Hitting The Track

Special Sauce

Holiday Achievements

Happy Holidays! (2012)

Happy Holidays! (2013)

Happy Holidays! (2014)

Happy Holidays! (2015)

Happy Holidays! (2016)

Happy Holidays! (2017)

Halloween Achievements

Halloween (2015)

Hallowampus 2016

Hallowampus 2017

Summer Achievements

Summer 2013!

Summer Event! (2014)

Summer Event! (2015)

Summer Event! (2016)

Summer Event! (2017)

Surf n' Turf 2018

Spring Achievements

Spring Fever 2018

PAC Achievements

Gold Achievements

Limited Achievements

Mascot Love!