This are all the achievement cars on the typing game Nitro Type.

These cars are earned by completing various achievements.

The cars are ordered in when they are released in Nitro Type.

Click on the achievement cars below to learn more about them.

Smallcar14Smallcar21Smallcar22Smallcar30Smallcar33Nitro type generalSmallcar37Smallcar42Smallcar45Smallcar46Smallcar48Smallcar49Smallcar50Smallcar51Smallcar52Rocket manSmallcar54Smallcar56Smallcar57Smallcar65Smallcar66Smallcar67Smallcar68Car70Car71Car72 (1)Smallcar73Smallcar77Hang tenHang elevenWoodie deluDeratsSmallcar 85Smallcar87Car88Car89 small96 small 1Small car99Small car 100Car102 smallCar103 smallSmallcar90Smallcar105Car107Car109 (3)Car110Small kringle 4000Small buddy snowmobileSmall kringle 4000 xlSmall buddy snowmorocket91 small 195 small 1115 small 1116 small 1119 small 1120 small 1121 small 1123 small 1124 small 1125 small 1126 small 1127 small 1129 small 1132 small 1133 small 1134 small 1135 small 1136 small 1137 small 1138 small 1139 small 1140 small 1Gingerbread Racer (small)143 small 1Missile Toe (small)145 small 1

Daily Rewards Vehicles

Zonday Tricolore | Wisker Electric | Auttie R-8.1

Nitro Addiction Vehicles

Rand Rover R/T

Winning Vehicles

Rocket Man | Fort F-125

Hitting the Track Vehicles

Typiano Pizza Car

Unfinished/Unreleased Vehicles

Corvette Stingray | Rental Car | Scrapped Brown Convertible | Scrapped Pink Truck | Fort Stallion | Alfa Romeo

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