This is the CLAN ATB which is no longer existent, but the team All Time Best is still going strong.

Hello. ATB, standing for All Time Best, was created by Auge on April 8, 2014 to symbolize an elite vibe. You may also contact Auge at or

How to apply

The positions are:

Leader: (Auge)

V.I.P.: Highest position besides leader, at least 7000 races, good racer, average 100 WPM or more, must have $10,000,000 but doesn't matter once you're in, exceptions

2 Co-leaders: (♛Ben_Boy♛) Good racer, can recruit, 4500 races, 100 WPM, exceptions

Third in command: 4000 races, 70 WPM, exceptions, has power above all except Co-leader, leader, and V.I.P.

2 Moderators: (Me, ŊⓉⓇ]ⓉɛcⒽ_ƑøⓇæɏ¶Ŋŧĭ¶) 500 posts, active on forums, must be close exception

Members: (ȶӄ≿Ⓜя.Ⓑǟ₴ӄ∑ȶɮǟℓℓ, CTK≿RocketKid≾NTI) 2500 races, or 100 WPM, or 1000 posts

The forum page is

The Shivtr site is

Announcements and Contests

April 13 or so, 2014- Contest with ACF-Reward: Winner receives from friend invite from Recon himself