8 Bit Racer
Stock 8 Bit Racer
Bought for: $1,000,000
Sold for: $600,000
Painted for: $150,000
Other attributes

The 8-bit racer started off as a vehicle only for FTW Innovations staff until it was released as a vehicle obtained by completing the achievement "Nitro Type Elite," which requires inviting 25 friends and having them complete at least 20 races. It is highly desired due to its 8-bit format unlike how many of the cars have a high graphic format. 

Most racers just make their own alternate accounts and complete twenty races on them to achieve this, overall completing 500 races on other accounts. It is also a very attractive car, due to its' unique pixel image. Sadly the 8-bit racer was removed, and is now unachievable. The 8 Bit Racer is just a 2D old fashioned formula one race car. 



McLaren MP4-28

It has most of its body parts paintable except its poles and its wheels. The paint is highly likable since it has what appears as a two-toned paint job.


  • It is the only 8-bit car in the game. (Although sadly, there are no 8 Bit cars in the game anymore)
  • It highly resembles the McLaren MP4-28.
  • It used to only be obtainable by being a FTW team member.

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